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Meet the award recipients...

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Literacy Partnership Award

Presented by:  Green Bay Packers Give Back


This award is given to an agency, corporation, business, or foundation that partners with Literacy Green Bay to advance our mission of Adult Literacy.  The 2020 recipient is The Wisconsin Public Service Foundation.  Congratulations!

Wisconsin Public Service and its charitable giving organization, the WPS Foundation, has been making the future brighter for Literacy Green Bay learners from the very beginning!  Only two years after the establishment of the Literacy Council of Brown County in 1982, WPS got involved to ensure the resources to advance our mission of adult education were available to our community.  They have committed hundreds of thousands of dollars in financial support, but they have also advocated for our cause in many other ways.  Over the years several WPS employees and retirees have served on our Board of Directors, worked as Adult Tutors, or volunteered in countless other ways.  We are grateful for the long-time partnership of WPS and look forward to a future that is just as bright!

Irene Daniell Kress Literacy Advocate Award
Presented by:  The George Kress Foundation

This award, named in honor of Billie Kress, honors an individual, company or institution that promotes literacy in our community.  The 2020 recipient is Dennis & Karen Wojahn.  Congratulations!

This amazing couple has been supporting Literacy Green Bay for decades!  Karen first served on our Board of Directors for six years starting in 1994 and also shared her skills and knowledge as our accountant for five years.  Dennis served on the Board from 2006 to 2019, with the exception of a required one year off between terms.  Both served as Board Treasurer during various times over the years.  The couple has also been financially supportive, especially in terms of making this Annual Awards & Appreciation Celebration possible.  They continuously advocate for our programs and share our mission with anyone who will listen!  Thank you Dennis & Karen for being part of our Literacy Green Bay family!

Evie Jensen Spirit Award
Presented by:  JBS & UFCW Local 1473


This award recognizes the joyful and compassionate spirit of our late friend and first employee of Literacy Green Bay, Evie Jensen. The 2020 recipient is Jim Polar.  Congratulations!

Literacy Green Bay is so fortunate to have Jim Polar as our staff accountant.  Jim has been our accountant since 1999.  During the day, Jim is a full-time accountant with the Oneida Casino.  Jim is also a busy family man with a wife and two grown children.  On top of all this, Jim has been an active volunteer with many organizations such as the East High Music Parents Association and Aldo Leopold Community School’s Parent/Teacher Association, to name a few.  What we like about Jim besides his accounting expertise is his upbeat personality.  Accountants sometimes get a bad rap as being crabby bean counters who like numbers more than people, but Jim breaks all those stereotypes!  Jim is always positive and friendly, ready to share a story or tell a joke before getting to work on crunching Literacy Green Bay’s numbers.  He works hard to ensure our financial accounts are kept in good order.  His flexibility and willingness to assist staff with any accounting question or situation has been invaluable.  We always appreciate his positive attitude, willing spirit and smiling face!  Thanks for all you do, Jim!

Lifetime of Literacy Award

Presented by:  Quality Insulators, Inc.


The Lifetime of Literacy Award honors an individual who has been directly involved with the work of Literacy Green Bay for 20 years or more. The 2020 recipient is Dorothy Seehausen.  Congratulations!

Dorothy Seehausen has been a dedicated volunteer and staff member with Literacy Green Bay since 1993.  Dorothy has served in a variety of ways over the years.  She first came to Literacy Green Bay as an Adult Tutor and then became a Tutor Trainer, which she just recently retired from in 2019.  Currently, Dorothy is our Level 1 instructor in our ELL classrooms.  She has valiantly worked hard this past spring and summer to learn how to teach online classes due to the Corornavirus pandemic.  Dorothy was our original Workforce Development Coordinator.  She always has a kind and gentle demeanor, showing genuine concern for each individual she works with.  Dorothy has directly improved the lives of dozens of adult learners at Literacy Green Bay.  Her positive impact on her students also touches the lives of her students’ families, co-workers and communities.  As a result, Dorothy’s influence has reached hundreds of individuals!  Countless students will be forever grateful for the knowledge and wisdom Dorothy has lovingly imparted on each of them!

Volunteer of the Year Award

Presented by:  Wisconsin Public Service

The Volunteer of the Year honors an individual who demonstrates a commitment to furthering the mission of Literacy Green Bay through volunteerism and has accumulated over 50 volunteer hours this year.  Our 2020 recipient is Lorelei Hochschild.  Congratulations!

Lorelei began volunteering as an Adult Tutor in 2003 and later began as a Tutor Trainer in 2005.  She has tutored over 1,000 hours with nine students, helping them increase their English proficiency, gain citizenship, obtain library cards, vote for the first time, attain employment, read newspapers in English, and achieve many other personal goals.  She adapts to her students learning styles and pace, customizing lessons for each of them.  Her impact extends beyond her immediate students, as she has contributed nearly 300 hours as a Tutor Trainer, preparing new tutors to carry on the important mission of literacy.  Lorelei has been instrumental in developing and improving the Tutor Training program as well as the Citizenship Tutoring program.  Lorelei continues to develop her skills with professional development, having attended 10 Tutor Time-Outs over the years.  She also generously supports Literacy Green Bay with financial contributions and advocacy.  We are grateful for Lorelei’s dedication to our mission! 

Outstanding Adult Learner of the Year 

Presented by:  Schreiber Foods, Inc.


This award honors an adult learner within our Adult Tutoring Program in recognition of significant achievements as a result of increased literacy.  The 2020 recipient is Alondra Valle.  Congratulations!

Alondra Valle knew little English before her family moved here from Mexico when she was a teenager.  She and her brother found themselves to be the only Hispanic students at Bay Port High School at the time.  With time and effort her English improved and she graduated from high school.  She continued her education at Northeast Wisconsin Technical College, and although her English abilities were good, the advanced academics of the college environment proved to be a bit of a struggle.  It was through NWTC that she learned about Literacy Green Bay’s Adult Tutoring Program.  With the help of her tutors, Alondra excelled, earning her Associates Degree in Early Childhood Education in 2018.  Through her high school and college experiences, she realized her calling to work as an English Language Learning teacher at the elementary school level.  Knowing this would require a bachelor’s degree, she transferred her credits to the University of Wisconsin – Green Bay and is now on-pace to graduate from the Education Program in 2021.  To add to these major accomplishments, Alondra also studied for and earned her U.S. Citizenship during her first semester at UWGB.  Today Alondra is working full time at St. Thomas Moore Elementary School while finishing her bachelor’s degree.  With the amazing achievements Alondra has made in the past five years, we can only imagine the accomplishments the next five years will bring!

Outstanding Children First Family Literacy Graduate 

Presented by:  Nicolet National Bank

This award honors a GED graduate from the Children First Family Literacy program who has transitioned into post-secondary schooling, obtained better employment or is a positive role model for fellow classmates.  The 2020 recipient is Makayla White.  Congratulations!

Makayla White is a single mother of two daughters, who attended high school through the 11th grade before becoming pregnant with her first child and dropping out.  Realizing this decision would have a lasting impact on her and her family, she researched GED programs and learned about Literacy Green Bay’s Children First Family Literacy program.  From the moment she joined the class in May of 2019, she was motivated and determined to reach her goal of earning her High School Equivalency Diploma.  Throughout her time in the program, Makayla encountered many challenges that might have caused a less-determined student to give up.  These challenges included rotating work-shift schedules that forced her to miss class for long stretches at a time, a car accident in which her car was totaled and she needed to rely on public transportation with two small children in tow, and needing to stay home to care for young siblings while her mother was incarcerated.  Despite these obstacles, Makayla persevered.  She even completed her final GED test on her own, without in-person guidance and only online help and encouragement from her instructors, due to the COVID-19 Pandemic.  She needed to write a petition to the State Department of Public Instruction for her final test, taken in an alternative format due to the pandemic, to be accepted.  Makayla’s accomplishment makes her the first person in her family for generations to graduate high school and go on to post-secondary education.  She is now enrolled in classes at Northeast Wisconsin Technical College, working toward an Entrepreneurship Certificate, with the ultimate goal of opening a childcare center that provides services to low-income parents.  Makayla’s determination will continue to earn her tremendous successes in the years to come!

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