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Adult Tutoring​

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Literacy Green offers one-on-one tutoring to learners in Brown County and the Greater Green Bay Area. Learners get to work one-on-one with a trained Literacy Green Bay tutor. Goals for tutoring are set by the learner!

Common Goals Are

  • Improve fluency in speaking, reading, and writing English

  • Improve reading and writing skills

  • Prepare for US Citizenship test

  • Help with GED/HSED courses.

  • Work together to improve employment

  • Help study for driver's license, CDL test. etc.

  • Help with homework

Steps to Become a Tutoring Student

  1. ​Compete Student Application

  2. Schedule a day to take an evaluation/test so we can see where you are with your literacy skills. The test takes about two hours. 

  3. Upon completion of the test, a volunteer will contact within a week to 10 days to schedule an interview to talk about your learning goals. 

  4. You will then be placed on a waitlist for a tutor. The wait for a tutor is typically about 1-2 months.

Support for this program is provided by:

Brown County United Way & Private family foundations

Any Questions?

Contact Liz Murphy

920-435-2474 x109

Prospective Tutors

Interested in becoming a tutor? Please submit our online application and send it to Liz Murphy at 



The schedule for the

up-and-coming workshops can be found here.



Our tutors are required to attend a tutor training workshop. There are both on-line tutorials and in person sessions. This page explains the process and hosts the training materials.

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