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COABE Recorded Webinars

A resource for all adult educators.
Find lesson plans, videos, apps, conference presentations and Professional Development Resources.


News for You

Password: 441195

This website offers easy-to-read news stories that can help students learn to read, write, speak, and understand the English language.

Ventures Arcade

If tutors are currently using Ventures Curriculum, they can use their online resource, Ventures Arcade, for free.

Every Day Edits

This is a great resource for tutors to use with students. They can practice rewriting the sentences with corrections. This could be used with Google Docs. (Paste the uncorrected material into the Google Doc, and have your learner try to correct the mistakes.)

Writing an Email

If a student does not already have an email, help the student set up an email account over the phone to compose their first email. The link will lead you to a lesson plan resource from the British Council. 

For English Language Learners of all levels

        Students and learners can find a large range of online materials designed especially for learning English.

          Free resources on how to become A fluent  English speaker.

           A fun and interactive way for students to learn American stories.

           A website that helps students learn vocabulary.

          Grammar fun.

Interested in helping your learner with pronunciation? Check out this recorded webinar for a wide variety of pronunciation ideas.  Tips from  ProLiteracy 

Curriculum RESOURCES


Challenger Overview
If you are using the Challenger curriculum with your student, please know that it is slowly being replaced with new curriculum called "journey."  Also, there is a writing supplement for Challenger that was in our library that is now available for purchase. The cost is only $5.00. Any staff person can show you and help with the purchase.


English Yes!

Journey Teachers Guide and Resources


Laubach overview


Ventures Overview


Voyager-Endeavor Overview


USCIS YouTube Channel

USCIS has created a YouTube channel for individuals studying for their Citizenship Test.

Students can choose “Free Citizenship Practice Test”. They can also access flashcards for citizenship
study prep.

USCIS Resource Center

List of Vocabulary words used during interview and tests

Understanding simple Commands-1

Understanding Commands-2

On-line Flashcards

Note-These are also available to check out

USCIS Response to COVID-19


       A good site to practice and learn basic addition, fractions, decimals, percentages, and algebra. Use interactive           lessons to learn them all, then test your knowledge.



The student would need a Brown County Library Card to Access the materials. They have materials for GED Prep and Practice Tests. If the student does not have a library card, follow the instructions below:
Use this link to access BadgerLink without a library card:

1.      Learners go to Learning Express Library

2.      Click through the web pages to select the specific practice test, tutorial, skill-builder exercise, etc…. 3.      Click on the box that says, “Sign in or Register to Begin”

4.      Input a valid email address, select a personal password, and you are a new user

5.      Click on “Register”

Students will need their username and password to log in.

An adaptive AI program helps determine a students’ level and then assigns them passages that are perfectly tailored to their abilities. Each passage is assigned and graded automatically in the system.
Students can create an account for free once they log in.

A site to practice for a large variety of tests such as GED, CDL, CNA, drivers test, and many more.

A site that has practice test in all categories.
Students should NOT add things to their cart or give a credit card number, ONLY choose “Free
practice materials.”

TABE Testing

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