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"Esperanza began studying in our family literacy GED program several years ago. Despite many obstacles along the way, and having to step out of the program several times to take care of her family, she always came back - more determined than ever to succeed. As a non-native English speaker, the GED test series was especially challenging for Esperanza, but she never gave up. Over the course of her journey, her confidence in herself and belief in her abilities continued to grow. Encouragement from her teachers and fellow classmates kept her motivated, and she is now the proud recipient of a GED credential and on her way to opening a world of opportunities for herself and her family. 


Congratulations, Esperanza!"

Support for this program is provided by:​​​


  • Dollar General Literacy Foundation

  • GGBCF Stand Together Foundation Grant

  • Department of Children & Families Grant through WI Literacy

Children First Family Literacy GED Program

The Children First Family Literacy Program is a comprehensive, one-stop family literacy program that includes preparation for the GED® test series for adults; early childhood education for children; and training for parents in how to be the primary teachers of their children and participate as full partners in their children's education. In addition, teachers supervise and support parents as they work with their children in literacy activities that will continue to foster reading skills and a love of learning at home. With children six years of age or younger, preference is given to parents with the most educationally and economically disadvantaged families.

Spring 2024 Session

January 8th-May 16th, 2023


(A.M. Class time)

9 am -11:00 am


(P.M. Class time)

5 pm -7:00 pm


Each Class Includes:

· Adult Education/ GED® Test Series Preparation

· Early Childhood Education for children of enrolled parents

· Group Parenting Discussions

· Parent and Child Together (PACT) Time


Eligibility Requirements:

Parent must be 18 ½ years of age. Parent must have at least one child age 6 or under who will accompany them to programming. Parent must test at an appropriate reading level for GED® instruction.



Contact Carleen Jeanquart at Literacy Green Bay to sign up for TABE testing or for more information. $25 registration/testing fee due at the time of enrollment.



Carleen Jeanquart

435-2474 ext.108


The Children First Family Literacy Partners

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