Session 1: Adult Learners, Learning Styles

and Cultural Awareness


  • Watch all of the videos listed below. The videos correspond with the sections in your binder.

  • Each topic/video includes prompts to consider while viewing. These prompts are in your binder. Your questions, observations, and insights will be discussed when we meet in person as a group.

  • Complete the VARK Assessment located in your binder. 

FYI:-This selection of videos set the stage for the first meeting. Therefore, it is intentionally longer than sessions 


Note:-Due to the revision process, occasionally the page numbers mentioned in the videos do not correspond in                your binder.


Video 1.1: TED Talk Video: How Language shapes the Way We Think by Lera Borodisky (14 minutes)

Video 1.2: Adult Learners - Characteristics & Learning Environment (21 minutes)

Video 1.3: Adult Learners- Application & Who Are Our Learners? (14 minutes)

Video 1.4: Adult Learners-Make Instruction Memorable (5 minutes)

Video 1.5: Learning Styles & VARK Assessment (9 minutes)

Video 1.6: Cultural Awareness (12 minutes)

Video 1.7: TED Talk Video: “The Danger of a Single Story” by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie (14 minutes)