Section 1: Adult Learners, Learning Styles

and Cultural Awareness

1. INDEPENDENT WORK– Complete before Session 1.

Assignment #1: Read Section 1 in the Tutor Training Portfolio and watch the videos below.


CAUTION: All of the content talked about in the videos are in your Tutor Training Portfolio in Section 1. ALERT: some of the page numbers in the videos may not match up.


Assignment #2: : The Knowledge Questions below will help you apply what you have learned. Please be prepared to share your responses to these questions in Session 1. (You do not need to write out the answers or submit them.)


  • Section 1: Knowledge Questions

Assignment #3: Complete the VARK assessment in the Tutor Training Portfolio.


In this session, we will review the topics covered in the independent work, discuss Cultural Awareness, and your VARK assessment results. Please write down any questions you have

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