Section 2: Second Language Acquisition

and Tutor Toolkit

To successfully pass this section, complete the three assignments in the INDEPENDENT WORK section and attend the VIRTUAL SESSION on Thursday, Oct 29.


1. COMPLETE INDEPENDENT WORK - Complete BEFORE the start of class on Thursday, Oct. 29.

Assignment #1: Watch the videos below and be prepared to discuss on Thursday, Oct. 29.


Assignment #2: Answer the questions in this document and email your answers to before the virtual session on Thursday, Oct 29.


Assignment #3: Read all 4 Scenarios in the Application Activity section on pages 2.5 to 2.8. Choose one scenario. What could you teach this learner that would help them in the scenario? Jot down a few ideas in the margins.


2. ATTEND VIRTUAL SESSION #1 - Thursday, Oct. 29

In this session, we will review the topics covered in the independent work, including the Application Scenarios.

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