Before you begin the training, watch this video: Video 1.0 Welcome to Tutor Training!


Click on a section below to view the assignments to complete.

Section 1: Adult Learners, Learning Styles and Cultural Awareness

Section 2: Second Language Acquisition and Tutor Toolkit

Section 3: Phonological Awareness, Reading Comprehension and The Writing Process

Section 4: Session Planning, Lesson Planning

and Goal Setting

A few items:

  • Be sure to complete the independent work BEFORE the virtual session!

  • You will receive an email with the meeting link before each session.

  • To accommodate your individual learning, you can change the playback speed of the YouTube video.

                          1.    Click on “Settings." (Gear icon located in the lower right hand corner of the video screen)

                         2.    Click “Playback speed,” and select the speed you desire.