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new TUTOR Workshop

This is an overview of the Literacy Green Bay tutor training workshop to help guide you through the process and requirements.
Step 1. Arrange a meeting with the Adult Tutoring Program Manager to pick up the training materials and pay the $40 workshop fee. This fee covers the cost of the materials.
Step 2. Watch the online videos and read any material listed BEFORE each in-person session. This “homework’ prepares you for in depth discussion when we meet together in person.
Step 3. The in-person sessions are held in the Learning Center at Literacy Green Bay. We will meet on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday evening from 6:00-8:00 pm. There is a lot to cover, so we do like to start promptly at 6:00.
Welcome Video
History of Literacy Green Bay
Student demographics
How Language Shapes the Way We Think by Lera Borodisky
Learning Styles
Tutor policies and information-Found in the folder
Resource Book pages 8-18
Language Experience Approach (LEA)
Total Physical Response (TPR)
Tutoring in Action
The Danger of a Single Story
Where are you from?
Harvard Implicit Bias Test-Taking the test is optional

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