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News for You

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This website offers easy-to-read news stories that can help students learn to read, write, speak, and understand the English language.

Ventures Arcade

If tutors are currently using Ventures Curriculum, they can use their online resource, Ventures Arcade, for free.

Every Day Edits

This is a great resource for tutors to use with students. They can practice rewriting the sentences with corrections. This could be used with Google Docs. (Paste the uncorrected material into the Google Doc, and have your learner try to correct the mistakes.)

Writing an Email

If a student does not already have an email, help the student set up an email account over the phone to compose their first email. The link will lead you to a lesson plan resource from the British Council. 

For English Language Learners of all levels

        Students and learners can find a large range of online materials designed especially for learning English.

          Free resources on how to become A fluent  English speaker.

           A fun and interactive way for students to learn American stories.

           A website that helps students learn vocabulary.

          Grammar fun.

Curriculum RESOURCES


Resources coming!

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