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Literacy Green Bay Programs


We offer a variety of programs to accommodate our students' individual learning styles and needs.  We have Adult Tutoring, Family Literacy GED Classes, English Language Classes, Citizenship Tutoring, and Computers Access.

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Adult Tutoring


Learners who are interested in improving their reading, writing, math, and/or English Language skills are matched with a volunteer tutor.

Learn English at Literacy Green Bay
English Language Learner Classes


We offer three levels of English language classes.  Classes are held twice a week at Literacy Green Bay and offsite at resource centers.  Childcare is available for some classes.

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Children First Family Literacy GED Classes


The Children First Family Literacy Program is a comprehensive, one-stop family literacy program that includes GED preparation for adults; early childhood education for children; and training for parents in how to be the primary teachers of their children and participate as full partners in their children's education.  In addition, teachers supervise and support parents as they work with their children in literacy activities that will continue to foster reading skills and a love of learning at home.


College and Career Readiness 1

This course, formerly known as GED-Prep 1, is a partnership between Literacy Green Bay and NWTC, and is designed to help learners fully develop the academic and digital literacy skills they will need to transition into GED Prep-2 and Prep-3 coursework. Course is offered at Literacy Green Bay and students will attend an Orientation session prior to enrollment.  Both individual, small and large-group instruction is provided.  Trained tutors and onsite childcare are also available!

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Literacy Green Bay offers citizenship tutors and mock interviews to assist individuals to prepare for their citizenship exam.


Computer Lab


Onsite computers available for student, tutor, and ELL class use, with  access to a variety of education software programs, Word processing, and the Internet.

Have English Classes in the Workplace

Workforce Development


Literacy Green Bay works with local companies to develop and implement customized workplace literacy programming and English classes for employees at company sites, utilizing a curriculum that emphasizes speaking, listening, and critical thinking skills. 

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