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The student would need a Brown County Library Card to Access the materials. They have materials for GED Prep and Practice Tests. If the student does not have a library card, follow the instructions below:
Use this link to access BadgerLink without a library card:

1.      Learners go to Learning Express Library

2.      Click through the web pages to select the specific practice test, tutorial, skill-builder exercise, etc…. 3.      Click on the box that says, “Sign in or Register to Begin”

4.      Input a valid email address, select a personal password, and you are a new user

5.      Click on “Register”

Students will need their username and password to log in.

An adaptive AI program helps determine a students’ level and then assigns them passages that are perfectly tailored to their abilities. Each passage is assigned and graded automatically in the system.
Students can create an account for free once they log in.

A site to practice for a large variety of tests such as GED, CDL, CNA, drivers test, and many more.

A site that has practice test in all categories.
Students should NOT add things to their cart or give a credit card number, ONLY choose “Free
practice materials.”

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